“Each session is a revelation.”

"Kathy uses her natural gift with integrity, honesty and neutrality. It is the rare psychic who can remove their personal opinion and personal agenda to give their client the most accurate and in-depth information. Kathy does just that.


Kathy was instrumental in supporting me and my father during his struggles with cancer, and then supporting us through his transition to the other side.


Each session is a revelation. Kathy is true to her mission in empowering each client to use their own skills, intuition, and abilities."


-Donna R.



"When my horse had foot issues, Kathy found that his whole body was sore and tense and that he was very anxious. This informed my next steps. On another occasion, Kathy pinpointed in no time that my horse had pain in the right sacroiliac joint and an obstruction in his urethra. That knowledge let me obtain treatments to relive the discomfort.


Kathy was wonderful with the dogs, too. One was not eating a whole lot. Kathy said the dog thought the food smelled and tasted boring! As soon as I started to put some tasty bits on top, guess who was tucking into the food again?


Kathy has such a wonderful way about her and makes it fun to interact with my animals. Every time I have had a session with her, I am enlightened and feel empowered. She provides much comfort and many answers. She is unique in her ability to detect issues that other methods fail to diagnose. It is also great to hear the funny things my animals say!"


Penelope J.



"Kathy was recommended by several equestrian friends. I wanted to connect with her about my beloved retired gelding, my new sweet mare, and my five greyhounds. That session was an incredible mix of happiness, 'smiling' tears, laughter, and several jaw-dropping observations. (I know Kathy hears this regularly from her clients: 'How could she POSSIBLY KNOW THAT?')


I feel Kathy's gift rises above others' special abilities; she also embodies great compassion, warmth, and a gentle but wonderful sense of humor. I have trusted her on so many levels, be it health or matters related to my life as it connects to my fur babies. She has been so spot-on, on so many occasions, that even my vet puts a lot of stock in what Kathy says. Kathy has held my hand with great love and affection through some painful moments, giving me such peace of heart.


Simply put Kathy is a treasure."


-Sheri T.


"When Kathy Goldenberg and I first crossed paths, I asked her to have a look intuitively at my ten-year-old son, who had been suffering severe migraine headaches despite advanced medical treatment. Kathy said, “Your son needs a root canal. He has a damaged nerve in a front tooth and it is triggering the headaches.” Within two weeks, an endodontist confirmed the need for a root canal. My son is now 17 and has never had another migraine.


When our precious family pet of 10 years, Nellie, came down with liver cancer, Kathy communicated with her to help me make the incredibly difficult decision of when to put her down. Nellie was able to tell us when she was ready to pass. It was a painful ordeal, but being able to give Nellie a voice and a choice was a priceless experience.


I highly and wholeheartedly recommend the professional intuitive services of Kathy Goldenberg. She is professional, unusually gifted in her field, and in my opinion the best at what she does."


-Elizabeth M.



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